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2.5-inch diameter powered rollers handle palletized loads.


Manufactured in a 2.5-inch diameter, the SmartRoller® internally-powered, motor-driven conveyor roller features a 24-volt direct current (VDC) brushless motor and permanently-lubricated planetary gear reduction drive. It is rated for 25,000 hours of operation and housed in a durable, heavy-duty galvanized steel roller shell. Its robust construction allows the roller to move palletized loads up to 1,500 pounds.

Ideal for plant managers and production engineers seeking to lower the total cost of ownership of their conveyor systems, the motor-driven rollers optimize system throughput, decrease installation and maintenance costs, consume less overall power and increase environmental safety.

Unlike other conveyor technologies, such as lineshaft or belt-driven conveyors, motor-driven rollers controlled by ZoneLink® controllers do not require pneumatics, external PC- or PLC-control or extensive input/output (I/O) networks for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA). ZoneLink controllers lower operating costs with fewer components, less wiring and real-time diagnostics, while providing quieter, on-demand operation.

SmartRoller Motorized Rollers: Feature
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